ECCO, Denmark - ECCO is ROSS’s first client and still on board for last 15 years. They are the ones who helped ROSS set up base. Resultant to the agreement with ROSS, Sumit K Lal joined the board of both ECCO India Trading Private Limited and more recently in ECCO Shoes India Private Limited. Sumit, supports the ECCO APAC as well as global teams from time to time with a wide variety of Brand and Strategy issues.

FITRITE, Nepal - For Fitrite, expanding their footprint outside Nepal was a significant move. ROSS provided the necessary strategic inputs, ensuring a seamless transition.

EGLE, India - Egle's aspiration was to redefine luxury in India. Partnering with ROSS, Egle has not only increased its market share but has also set new benchmarks in the Indian luxury segment. Our strategic interventions have played a crucial role in Egle's ascent to being a premium brand in India.

Gift of Life, Israel - A venture with a noble cause, Gift of Life's ambition was to reach more donors and recipients worldwide. ROSS' comprehensive strategies helped Gift of Life enhance their reach, impact, and efficiency.

Warranteer, Israel - In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, Warranteer sought to stand out. ROSS, with its understanding of technology and markets, provided key insights that helped Warranteer position itself as a reliable and innovative service in the market.

COMOCULTURE, Dubai - For COMOCULTURE, the objective was clear: become a global brand synonymous with luxury. ROSS' interventions, from brand strategies to retail management, played a vital role in COMOCULTURE's successful foray.

Each of these partnerships has been a journey of mutual growth, with ROSS consistently delivering exceptional results, paving the way for sustained success.